Swan Office & Technology Park

Located in the Northern Business District of Pipera, the complex comes up to the highest European standards, consistent with a first class office location.

Polonă 68 Business Center

Central located, downtown Bucharest close to Dorobanţi Boulevard and Romană Square in a dense diplomatic and busines area, that combines urban elements with valuable architecture.

Dorobanţi 16

Central located, in the heart of Bucharest on the one of the oldest streets, Dorobanţi 16 villa asserts through its unique and valuable elements of architecture.

Dorobanţi 18

Dorobanți 18 is an exquisite residence.

Dionisie Lupu

Situated close to Lahovari Square and Magheru Boulevard, Dionisie Lupu building was built in 1886 and it is famous for architectural and academic activity that had been conducted between its walls for long years.

Eminescu 27

With important architectural and historical values, the building situated on Eminescu 27 dates back to the 19th century.