Swan Office & Technology Park

Winner of the RoGBC Green Building Project of the year award 2011, Swan Office & Technology Park achieved a BREEAM certificate after going through the assessment process, and was rated as “Very Good”. Located in the Northern Business District of Pipera, the complex comes up to the highest European standards, consistent with a first class office location.

Standing out in excellence

Swan Office & Technology Park was designed to deliver first class facilities at affordable prices, with modern technology to ensure tenant’s needs are met. This environment is ready to host company headquarters, technology based companies, back offices, research and development units, data centers, or support organizations.


Three low-rise buildings with a total usable area of 29,124 sqm are carefully divided to satisfy the needs of both – large and small occupiers. On the south side, there is the Windsor building (16,906 sqm) disposing of three entrances: Park, Eton and Royal, while in the north side of the complex, two buildings are placed, the Henley (6,873 sqm) and the Kingston (5,345 sqm).